Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 169

Today I am grateful for one Ms. Christine Maxey.  Twenty nine years ago today, she made me a big sister and changed my life forever ... for the better, of course.  She's an amazing person, awesome dresser, whip smart, an amazing aunt, and a whole bunch of other good things.  But one of my favorite things about Christine is her sense of humor; it is very similar to mine, so over the years we've had some amazing laughs.  We both have a tendency to quote our favorite movies and TV shows, and sometimes we'll be the only ones in the room who'll get it but we'll be laughing until we cry anyway.  I love that I have that with you, Christine, and, beyond that, I'm so lucky, so grateful to have you as my sister.

So this one's for you, sis!  Indulge in some kosher yog and a little charcuterie and have a very happy, very fly 29th birthday!

I love you so much!

The rest of you (and Christine, of course) have a wonderful day!

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