Wednesday, April 17, 2013

That's What They Said: Science and Annoyance

(As he's trying to do a Kindergarten activity book ...)
Baylor:  Mom, I don't know this one.  (Which two are like a turtle: lizard, snake, bird?)
Me:  Well, is a bird like a turtle?
Baylor:  Hm.  Well, a pelican is.
Me:  Yeah?
Baylor:  Yeah, a turtle goes underwater, right?
Me:  Yeah.
Baylor:  And it goes on land too, right?
Me:  Yeah.
Baylor:  So it's like a pelican.  So the bird is right?
Me:  (smiling)  Well, that's a great observation, and a turtle is kind of like a pelican, but that isn't a pelican.  It's a songbird.
Baylor:  Oh.

(As he's washing his hands ...)
Baylor:  Mom, the My First Science Encyclopedia is weird.  It doesn't show what foods we eat.
Me:  Well, it can't show everything, honey.
Baylor:  I have an encyclopedia!  It's awesome.
Me:  (smiling)  Yeah?
Baylor:  (grinning)  Yeah, but you have to pay attention to the headings.
Me:  Oh yeah?
Baylor:  Yeah.  There's "life science/life science", "exploration/exploration", ...
Me:  Very cool, buddy.
Baylor:  And under science there is "life science" and "kill science".
Me:  Oh really?  What is that?
Baylor:  Life science is about life, and kill science is about ... hunting.  (smiles)  Yeah, hunting.

Baylor:  Mommy, can I play with my Legos now?  (The 504-piece Flo's V-8 Cafe set.)
Me:  Of course.  But could you put the couch cushions back on the couch first?
Baylor:  Uhhh.  Why do we have to do so many things each day?!

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