Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 299 (a day late)

Today I am grateful for my sister, Christine.  She is an amazing baker, and yesterday she baked her heart out to help me.  She made crumpets for the kids because apparently my children are a bit British; they love having crumpets with jam for breakfast.

Just look at all that crumpety goodness!

I'm also grateful to my mom for convincing me that I didn't have enough time (or attention, let's be honest) to make a cake from scratch and that a lemon Bundt cake out of a box would work out just fine.  She was right.  I can't wait to take this to the family gathering at the cabin today!

Then, after the cake cooled, Christine supervised me while I made lemon glaze for the cake.  Without her help, it would have been a runny mess instead of this beautiful creation.

To top it all off, she made homemade Parker House rolls for me to take to the cabin.  They are gorgeous and perfect and, no doubt, delicious.  I can't wait to brag about my little sister.

So Christine, thank you for astounding me with your baking skills yet again and helping me out so very much.  It would have taken me days to do what you did in a few hours, and none of it would have come out quite as perfectly.

Have a wonderful day!

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