Friday, September 6, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 305

Today I am grateful for two things: my parents' 33rd anniversary and the end of Baylor's first week of kindergarten.  We celebrated both at Spoonlickers after Baylor finished school this afternoon and had a wonderful time.  

Baylor kept everyone entertained with his grand plans for a play.  (Notice the bracelet on his wrist?  It's his birthday bracelet from school!  He actually wanted to wear it!)

On and on he went.  He talked a lot before he started school, but since he's been gone at school for seven hours a day he's been extra chatty when he's at home.

Mollie was just glad to see her brother and embark on another adventure with him.

Congratulations, Mom and Dad, on 33 years of marriage!  I wish you 33 more happy, healthy years together!

And congratulations, dear Baylor, on your first week of kindergarten!  You made it through and seem to be enjoying it all the while!

Have a wonderful night!

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