Tuesday, September 3, 2013

That's What They Said: Kindergarten Worries and Wonders

(the day before the first day of school)
Baylor:  "I'm nervous that when I get to school no one will love me."

(as she was taking off her shoes when we returned home from dropping him off)
Me:  (noticing Mollie was resting her head on the shoe bench)  Honey, are you okay?  Are you sad?
Amalia:  (sadly)  Yes, I am so sad we didn't go to Meijer after we dropped Baylor off.

(after we dropped him off and were back at home)
Me:  Mollie, in about an hour and twenty minutes we'll go on over to Oma's house.
Amalia:  What?
Me:  We're going to go to Oma's house.
Amalia:  (very sadly)  But we can't go without Baylor!  We always go with Baylor!

(after we picked him up and while I was making dinner)
Baylor:  Oh, Mollie took the xylophone apart.  She wasn't supposed to do that.
Me:  I know, buddy.  But it's okay, don't worry about it.
Amalia:  Mommy, can you help me put this back together?
Me:  Hey, Baylor, can you go help your sister put that back together?
Baylor:  Sure!
Me:  (reeling with surprise at his affirmative answer)  Great!  And hey, why don't you teach her how to put it back together?
Baylor:  (to Mollie)  See this one?  It's a C.  C says "kuh, kuh".  Say it with me now.
Both:  "kuh, kuh"
Baylor:  Good.  Now this one is a D.  It says "duh, duh."  Say it with me now.
Both:  "duh, duh"

(after they got through most of the xylophone they started playing with a sound machine that had been brought to the living room and put it on "heartbeat" mode)
Baylor:  Ooh, Mollie!  Let's stomp our feet to the beat!
(and then they did just that)

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