Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mollie's Third Birthday! (Long, long overdue ...)

So, Mollie's birthday was on Friday, March 22nd, and this year it worked out well to have her party on her actual birthday.  In the morning, Baylor wanted to give her the presents he picked out for her before he went to school.  He chose some Lego sets out for her, of course, and she was thrilled.

He even went over the instructions with her.

While Baylor was at school, Mollie and I went to Meijer to pick up fruit and decorations for her party.  As we were waiting for someone to come help us get some balloons, I asked Mollie if she'd like to pick out some flowers to have as a decoration for her party.  She proceeded to pick a beautiful, perfectly "Mollie" flower arrangement that was about $26.  In my head I was thinking, "Holy crapola!  Twenty-six dollars!  Are you kidding me?!"  Then I noticed the "pink" mums were actually spray painted that way.  Excuse me?!  What?!  But, in the end, Mollie thought it was the most beautiful thing on earth, and who was I to judge?  It didn't break the bank, and her party didn't cost all that much to begin with, so we bought the arrangement and put it in a vase the instant we got home.  (And it stayed nice for WEEKS!  Amazing.)

Oma, Grandpa E, and Aunt Christine came over early to deliver the cupcakes and open a few presents before the crowd arrived.  Baylor was a supportive brother-of-the-birthday-girl, reading the cards,

watching over, ready to laugh at all the Hallmark hilarity,

and assisting with unwrapping.  Mollie got a puzzle,

some Jessie pajamas and a few Playmobil sets,

and an awesome yellow tote bag to store things in!

A few days prior to her birthday she'd told me she wanted this little stuffed Nemo doll as a new sleepytime pal, and Aunt Christine was happy to oblige.

Oh, and did I mention that the three of them wore pink just for the birthday girl?  Even Dad!

We had the finished side of the basement all cleaned up so the kids could run off some energy and have some extra fun.

Oh, and did I mention she got a rocking chair, just perfect for rocking her doll Sally to sleep?  So. Adorable.

After all the guests arrived and dinner was eaten, Mollie got to open the rest of the presents.  Some super cute pajamies,

(Isn't she beautiful?)

Aunt Sarah made her some adorable hair clips,

and Bryson and I got her some Legos and a potty chair for her doll.

Aunt Christine was commissioned to make pink cupcakes and, boy, did she deliver!

Baylor headed upstairs for the singing of "Happy Birthday", and then we hunkered down for some delicious cupcakes.

Once the treats were consumed, the hugs and happy birthdays wished, and the guests departed, the kids scrambled into their Toy Story-themed pajamies as quickly as they could.

They couldn't go to bed right away, though; Mollie was still riding that birthday high!

It was a very special day for a very, very special little girl!

An incredibly belated happy birthday, sweet Mollie!  I love you so much and can't wait to watch you grow into the amazing young lady I know you'll be.

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