Friday, February 15, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 100!

Okay, who else didn't think I'd make it to 100 days?  I mean, don't get me wrong, I was certainly hoping I would; it feels good to be able to stick with something like this.  But I just didn't know if I could.

Today I am grateful for having stuck with this for 100 days and for two little cards we got in the mail yesterday.  (Of course, the mail got here so late that I didn't end up getting yesterday's mail until today.)  Anyhow, the kids each got a card from my Aunt Marty, who the kids often refer to as GG's sister.  They just love getting mail, and the cards were right up their alley.  Baylor is really getting into math, and his had a little Valentine's equation on it, and Mollie's had a bee on it ... which she thought was like the song "Let It Be".

I asked them if they'd be so kind as to let me take a picture of them with their cards, but Baylor was being contrary and would only let me get one eye.

Then Mollie, of course, had to follow suit.

They stopped to read them for a sec ...

... then they let me get the cheesy smiles.

Thank you so much, Aunt Marty!  You really made the kids' day.

And happy belated Valentine's day, everyone!

Have a wonderful night!

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