Monday, February 18, 2013

The Real Naked Chef

Baylor got to help Aunt Christine make some dessert after his rest time a couple weeks ago, and he was beyond thrilled.  He was also naked, save for some underwear.  (Baylor has a tendency to strip off all his clothes during his rest time.)  Health code violations aside, he was ready to rock in the kitchen!

Baking with Baylor is always a laugh riot.

Sometimes it's tough to catch your breath.

But you do, and you stay on top of things or things will get away from you quickly.

But Aunt Christine is a seasoned pro at this by now, and she and Baylor worked some kitchen magic.  He even tried using the hand mixer; it only stayed at the first level so he wasn't too upset by the noise.

Must have the typical Maxey hold-your-tongue-out-just-so-when-concentrating.

Baylor and Aunt Christine make quite the duo in the kitchen, and Baylor loves getting to help out with such important work.

Have a wonderful, sweet day!

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