Thursday, February 21, 2013

Looking Like Her

A couple weeks ago I bought a couple of school memory books for the kids, and seeing them reminded my mom of the ones she had kept for us as we made our way through school.  While she had some trouble finding ours she did stumble upon her own from when she was a kid, and we had a great time strolling down memory lane with her.  Baylor seemed to only be half paying attention, so when my mom asked him who the person was in her 11th grade picture, Baylor took one look at it and said, "Mommy!"

It was the longest my mom's hair ever was, with a slight wave to it, and yes, I do look a bit like her.  At first I was a little sheepish at someone thinking I had stepped out of the 70's, but I doubt Baylor was commenting on my mom's clothes.  And yes, my hair looks a little 70's at times; I don't like to blow it dry or straighten it because it takes an eternity and I don't really want to take the time to do that every day.  But I do look a bit like her; she's gorgeous, so I should be so lucky.  (And if Baylor thinks I look 17, then that's all the better.)

Just for fun, I thought I'd add a couple more of her school pictures.  I forget what grade this is from, but it was so incredibly 60's I couldn't resist.

And this one is my favorite.  Just look at those little curls!

Thanks for the genes, Mom!

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