Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 98

Today I am glad that Mollie's first dentist appointment went so well.  Besides them saying her teeth looked great and that she didn't seem to have knocked the front one loose when she fell the other day (which is what initially prompted the visit), she was much more comfortable there than I was expecting.  My mom was the one who initially brought her (Thanks again, Mom!) and I expected to arrive to see her clinging to her Oma.  But when Baylor and I walked into the room, there sat my brave little girl, sleepy time pals in her arms, looking almost calm.

Baylor and Oma ended up leaving, and Mollie was a total champ for the duration of her exam.  She tensed up a bit when Dr. Stewart came into the room, but she didn't cry or ask me to hold her; she just sat there like an old dentist-going pro.

I can tell she likes being a "big girl", and I'm so proud of her for it!

Have a wonderful night!

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