Saturday, February 9, 2013

That's What They Said: The At-Home Restaurant

Today Baylor asked us if we wanted to eat at his restaurant.  Mollie and I jumped right in, and Baylor had us seat ourselves at the dinner table.  Our adorable little waiter came to the table and asked what we wanted to eat and drink.  Here's how it all went ...

Baylor:  Welcome to my restaurant!  What do you want to eat?
Me:  Well, what kind of a restaurant is this?
Baylor:  Italian.  (smiles)
Me:  Oh, well then I'll have the lasagna.
Baylor:  Oh, well the lasagna has a lot of garlic.
Me:  That's okay!
Baylor:  Um, we don't have any.
Me:  Okay, well what do you have on your menu that is low in sodium?
Baylor:  Garlic bread.
Me:  That's it?
Baylor:  Yup.  (pauses)  But our pizza is delicious!
Me:  Okay then, I'll try the pizza.
Baylor:  What kind do you want?  I forget what you like on it.
Me:  Green peppers and onion, please.
Baylor:  Okay, what for a side?
Me:  Can I have breadsticks?
Baylor:  No, we don't have any.  Only garlic bread.  We do have applesauce.  Do you like applesauce?
Me:  Yes, I'll have that.  And a water with no lemon.
Baylor:  (grimacing)  Do you want ice?
Me:  Yes, but not too much.
Baylor:  Oh, I will have it crushed up for you!
Me:  Thanks, buddy!
Baylor:  And what do you want for dessert?
Me:  Oh, I'd like to wait until after I'm done eating.
Baylor:  Okay!  (starts leaving)
Me:  Wait, don't you want to get Mollie's order?
Baylor:  (smiling)  Yeah!  Mollie, what do you want?
Amalia:  I want pizza.  Cheese.
Baylor:  Okay, and for a side?
Amalia:  Breadsticks.
Baylor:  We don't have breadsticks.  You can have applesauce, if you want.
Amalia:  Yeah!
Baylor:  Okay!  (heads off to the living room to put in the order ... encounters Bryson)  Daddy, do you want to eat at my restaurant?!
Bryson:  Um, sure?
Me:  Come in here and sit with us!
Bryson:  Okay.
Baylor:  (smiling)  Daddy, what do you want to eat?
Bryson:  What kind of restaurant is this?
Baylor:  Italian.  We have great pizza!
Bryson:  (smiling)  Okay, I'll have pizza.  What kind should I get?  Can I just share with Mommy?
Baylor:  Um ...
Me:  Well, what size pizzas do you have?
Baylor:  Sixteen inches.
Bryson:  Whoa, well I'll just share.
Me:  And we'll just have half cheese, half green peppers and onion.
Baylor:  Oh, sorry it's a fourteen inch.
Bryson:  (smiling)  Okay, we can still share.
Baylor:  I mean it's a twelve inch.
Me:  Buddy, do you want them to be personal pizzas?  Like we each get our own?
Baylor:  Yeah.
Bryson:  So like a nine inch?  (Baylor nods)  Okay, then I'll have a pepperoni and onion pizza.
Baylor:  What do you want to drink?
Bryson:  Water, please.
Baylor:  Okay, but our milk is really fresh!
Bryson:  (smiling)  Good selling, buddy!  Sure, I'll have some milk.
(Baylor scurries away and brings back our imaginary pizzas.  We "enjoy" them.)
Me:  Wait, Baylor can I get a dessert?
Baylor:  (smiling)  Yeah!  Here is the menu!  (holds up an imaginary menu)
Me:  Oh, buddy, it's so far away I can't read it.  Will you tell me what's on it?
Baylor:  Sundaes!
Me:  Yeah, what else?
Baylor:  Ice cream!  One hundred flavors!
Bryson:  So sundaes and ice cream ... anything else?
Baylor:  Nope!
Me:  Okay then, I'll have a sundae.  What are the flavors of ice cream you have?
Baylor:  (grinning ear to ear, running circuits around the house, and yelling ...)  One!  Two!  Three!  Four!  Five!  (continues counting all the way up to one hundred)
Me:  (after I finished giggling)  Alrighty, I'll take number one hundred.  As a sundae, with chocolate on it.
Baylor:  We don't have any chocolate.
Me:  Oh, okay.  Well, do you have caramel?
Baylor:  (grinning)  Yes!  We have caramel.  Do you want whipped cream?
Me:  No, thank you.
Baylor:  Do you want a cherry?
Me:  No thank you, I don't like them very much.
Baylor:  (looking baffled)  Okay, no cherry.
Me:  By the way, what flavor is number one hundred?  Will it go well with caramel?
Baylor:  Yup!  It's vanilla!
Me:  Awesome.
Bryson:  Can I have some dessert, too?
Baylor:  Sure!
Bryson:  I'll take number ninety-nine with caramel on top.  What flavor is number ninety-nine?
Baylor:  Vanilla!  Flavors one to one hundred are vanilla!

He then proceeded to tell us where he gets the caramel from, but I'll spare you the details.  Needless to say, he's got a funny, blooming imagination.  I can't wait to see what he comes up with next!

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