Thursday, February 28, 2013

Busy Little Bees

The kids are busy little people.  Even when we're just staying home, they always have something up their sleeves.  Mollie, for example, likes to do "gymnastics". Here's an example of that:

Yes, it's more running back and forth over cushions, but it gets her moving and tires her out.  This is what happened after the video:

Baylor was still tired because he had actually fallen asleep during rest time and I woke him up prematurely.  Mollie, on the other hand, just plum wore herself out.  And she wanted to be like Baylor, as usual.

They're not always tired, though.  Sometimes they've just gotta dance!

Lots of circles when they dance.  I have no idea how they don't get dizzy.

Mollie found this diaper box in the living room (I keep them to store stuff/fill and donate to Goodwill/etc.) and turned it into her own personal car.

Mollie also likes to jump wherever she can.

She's pretty good at it, too!

The kids don't mind taking their show on the road, either.  Mollie, eschewing dessert for a bowl of salsa and "a lot" of chips, likes to feed them to her babies every now and then.  (But don't ask her to share them with you!)

Her babies also get to play games with her; Jenna, the doll in the picture, even got to flip down the pictures while they played Guess Who!

I know a lot of this post has been about Mollie, but usually Baylor is right there with her playing and just doesn't want to get his picture taken.  (Or the picture turns out blurry, and he won't let me snap another one.)  The next picture is a perfect example of that.  Baylor brought up the bear and moose that typically reside in the downstairs bedroom at my parents' house where Baylor takes his rest.  He started giving the bear, his favorite, a piggy back/top-of-the-head ride, and Mollie jumped right in and gave a shoulder ride to the moose.  They spent a while squealing and galloping and smiling with their stuffed friends.  It was wonderful.

Life with a nearly-three year-old and a nearly-four-and-a-half year-old is a lot of fun and very busy!

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