Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 113

Remember the other day when I had the snow blowing dilemma and ended up wishing one of my neighbors was a masseuse?  Well, soon after I posted that I got an e-mail from Groupon saying they were giving me a $10 coupon for any Groupons available.  I am always eye-balling the massage offers they have, so I took the coupon as a sign and bought one!  Actually, I technically bought two massages; a chiropractor in town was offering two 55-minute massages for $59 and I figured that'd get me the best bang for my buck.

Today I am grateful that I actually got to take advantage of this deal and have a massage!  I was hoping to do it soon, and the stars aligned - mother-in-law could babysit, they had an opening, I could get dinner ready ahead of time, etc. - and I was able to go in for a little muscular relief.

With that being said, remember quite a while back when my sister got a "man-ssage"?  Well, I got one today!  I had a feeling the massage therapist would be a guy; I scouted out the prospects on the company's website and the two that looked most like massage therapists (according to the way they were dressed) were men.  So when he came and got me, I just smiled and felt slightly prepared for the experience.

And how did it go, you ask?  Pretty well, though it was a little weird; nothing like having a guy you've never met before rub lotion all over you.  A few things ...

For starters, he seemed to spend a lot of time on my thigh areas.  And while focusing on said areas, he was moving his hands in opposite directions, essentially giving me a snake bite on the back of my legs.  That part wasn't awesome.  Also, he massaged my legs with his arms ... like his whole arms ... like his head may have ended up near my rear end.  I'm glad I couldn't see him.

Speaking of my derriere, he spent a bit of time there as well.  (That portion was covered up with a sheet and underwear, but it was still a bit weird.)  However, weird as it was, I was a bit sore there from shoveling (and falling while snow blowing last week) and I could feel some relief in my back while he was essentially kneading my tush, so I guess I was okay with it.  Most of the time I just smiled and laughed in my head at the situation.

The back massage part was good, but I have never gotten a massage with muscles this sore so it wasn't as relaxing an experience as it usually is.  Though I guess I wasn't really there for relaxation so much as relief from aches and pains.

I finally turned over, and he chatted with me a tiny bit, first asking me if I'd ever been to a chiropractor's office before.  I said I hadn't, and then he asked me where I had gotten massages before this one.  My response?

"Anywhere I can get them."

Yup, I'm that awesome.  I really said that.  Apparently now I'm some sort of massage-addict that looks for massages in any and every situation.  Look out, world!

So, the massage went okay, I made it through.  Did it help?  We'll see tomorrow.  Right now I'm a little more sore, and sore in places I wasn't before.

Like I said, we'll see.  Either way, I am glad to have gotten a massage as I clearly love them so.

Have a wonderful night!

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