Sunday, December 30, 2012

Auf Wiedersehen, Cable!

In an effort to cut costs, we decided to get rid of cable and get our television the old fashioned way: over the air waves.  (We also got a Roku box to pick up some on-demand shows and movies over the internet.)

Embracing the old-schoolness of it all, Bryson decided to make his own antenna.  After seeing what it looked like, I nicknamed it "the mace".  

Lovely attraction to our living room, huh?

It actually worked moderately well, but since it was unsafe to have around the kids, we opted for a standard rabbit-ear style antenna.  It's been a bit weird getting used to having cable like we did when we were kids (i.e., no pausing or rewinding and no DVR), but it's been nice having the extra money each month.

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