Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas 2012: All They Want for Christmas ...

Last year was the first time I was able to get Baylor to say what he wanted for Christmas, and most of it was strong suggestions from me.  This year, Santa may have told me what he got for them already (He has to shop early for some kids, you know?), and I may have suggested that to them for their lists.  Luckily, Santa is awesome and they loved the suggestions as if they were their own ideas.  They had some other ideas of what they wanted as well, so their lists were quite ... interesting.

Here's Baylor's ...

Yeah, it would probably help if I didn't let him look at the Lego catalog while we were writing his list.  The little dude just kept adding to it and adding to it until I had no room left.  It was impressive.

Mollie on the other hand ...

... well, her list is much shorter.  And a little weirder.

Yes, and she's quite enthusiastic about the bar of soap.  It's like I don't wash her or something.  Of course, she wants it to be pink, so I've passed the idea along to Santa and it may end up in her stocking, since he can easily call an audible on that at the last minute if necessary.

Since she had so much extra room, I encouraged her to draw a picture for Santa.  The x's all along the top and all over the back are letters of the alphabet, according to Mollie.  It's so cute to hear her say them and so funny when you see what she's actually writing.

As you may have noticed in one of the pictures above, she decided to trace her hand for Santa as well ... a few dozen times over.

So we'll see what happens on Christmas day.  All I know is, they have been very good this year, so I'm sure Santa will be good to them.

Have a wonderful day!

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