Sunday, December 30, 2012

Halloween 2012: Shyness and Manners Abound

After demolishing some treats at his Halloween party, Baylor had to have a wardrobe change for trick or treating.  Luckily, he has a bunch of MSU gear and was all sorts of prepared for the evening's events.  Mollie changed into her actual Halloween costume:  Minnie Mouse!

As per usual, we started off the festivities by heading down to my in-laws'.  Mollie led the way, running as fast as her little legs would carry her.  (My parents and sister, bless their hearts, stayed back at our house to pass out candy so we could both go out with the kids.  Thanks again, guys!)

After getting candy from grandma and grandpa and seeing their cousins, Baylor and Mollie started out on their trick or treating adventure.  As I had suspected, Mollie wouldn't talk at all, save for a "thank you" here and there, and Baylor refused to say "trick or treat".  Though he would have rather not said anything, I encouraged him to say, "May I have some candy please?" at each door.  Much to my surprise, people thought it was perfectly adorable and so very polite.  We walked every inch of the sidewalked area of our neighborhood then headed home.  Mollie and Bryson made a quick stop back at grandma and grandpa's again, then met us back at our place.  There, the kids got to inventory their candy with Aunt Christine.  And oh, were they thrilled!

Having been shut out of enjoying his first box of Dots last year, Baylor made sure it was the first thing he tried this year.  Man, are those things chewy!

Mollie tends to prefer salty snacks, so she was more than content to chow down the box of Goldfish crackers Oma brought for her.

Like last year, they both enjoyed the microwave popcorn they got from a house on a nearby court.

Mollie even tried her hand at passing out candy!

They had a great time and I'm thrilled that it went so well!  Here's hoping it goes even better next year!

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