Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Rockin' 31st Birthday

For my birthday this year I got a special treat; not only did I get to spend the day with my wonderful family, but my grandparents joined us as well!  

We did a lot of the usual things; Baylor played Legos, Christine and Mom helped with technological difficulties.

But Baylor had something special in mind ... we went on a rocket ride into outer space!

Having drawn a map of the planets he wanted to visit in the order we ought to visit them, Baylor made a wonderful navigator.

Grandma and Grandpa looked on and bounced along with us on our journey.

After stopping at a few planets, I got to open my presents.  Mollie even modeled the hat Christine made for me!

What an adorable gift he is!

In addition to the hat, Christine also made me the most delicious homemade Peeps a girl could ask for ...

... and my favorite: red velvet cupcakes!  (They didn't have any regular candles and the "3" and "1" were missing from previous parties, so I settled for a "0".)

Like little pros, they got their cupcakes all ready by themselves.

Then they enjoyed them, almost as much as I did!

Thanks again, everyone, for a lovely birthday (almost two months ago)!  I had a wonderful time!

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