Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 183

Today I am grateful that I found some pictures I hadn't seen in a while (and some of them maybe never) while trying to upload yesterday's video to our computer.  The pictures were taken on our video camera and were of the few days leading up to, the day of, and the few days after Baylor's birth.  It's amazing how big he's gotten and how far we've come since then.  Take a look!

I don't remember Jeannine and Allan, Baylor's great-grandma and great-grandpa, coming to the hospital, but if they were there on his actual birthday it was because I was terribly drugged up.  If they came in one of the days following, it was likely because I was completely overwhelmed and/or starting to develop post-partum depression.  

The next ones are from right before we left the hospital.  I forgot how many freckles I had that summer; must have been from all that time I spent swimming in the pool trying to get a little exercise in with my enormous belly.

He was just so perfect and precious ... and huge!

And at this moment I was thinking, "Holy crap!  They're gonna let us take him home?!  How do they know we're ready?  Are we ready?!  Ahhhh!" and "This really isn't comfortable, holding a car seat on your lap.  Can't I just hold him and put him in it when we get to the car?" and "This is the last of the 'pampering' here at the hospital.  My last little comfortable ride.  Oh boy ..."

But we got home and got through some of the rough first few days.  And though they were rough, they were still great.  I mean, come on, just look at that face!

So very glad I found these (and more)!

Have a wonderful day!

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