Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 192 (a day late)

Well, our dishwasher finally died.  After about twenty years of diligent service, our Maytag conked out and refused to release any of the detergent we put in there.  And while I'm not at all thrilled it broke or that I'll be doing dishes by hand for the next few weeks (apparently our dishwasher opening is smaller than standard so we had to special order one), I will say this ...

I am so grateful that that's all it did.  I'm grateful that it didn't flood the kitchen as its last hurrah, as so many dishwashers do.

I'm also grateful that we have the means to get a new dishwasher.  Yes, I realize I am absolutely spoiled that we have a dishwasher, and I am grateful that we are able to have such a lovely, useful machine.  It makes my life a little easier, a fact I am realizing more and more as the days without one go on.

Have a wonderful night!

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