Thursday, May 23, 2013

That's What They Said: Misunderstanding and an Advanced Vocabulary

Me:  Mollie, can you go remind your brother to put on his socks and his shirt.
Mollie:  (walks into the living room)  Baylor, your sock is on your shirt!

Bryson:  You guys, we need to pick up.
Me:  Yup, it's time to pick up.
Me:  You guys, we do this every night.  We have to pick up.  If you don't, we'll have to take away any toys that are left out.
(Kids proceeded to goof off and not pick up toys.  As we started gathering things up and taking them downstairs ...)
Baylor:  NO!  STOP!  This is nonsense!

Me: Baylor, you need to put on your clothes before we can play (Cars Monopoly).
Me:  (yelling)  Baylor!  STOP!  (calming a bit)  I'm sorry I yelled, but we talked about this last night ... you need to stop screaming so we can understand you.
Baylor:  (angrily)  Mommy, you yelled and you teached me that yelling was okay when you did that.
Me:  (in my head)  F*#%!  (rests head on hands and internally laments having a smart child)

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