Thursday, May 9, 2013

That's What They Said: Oh, Miss Mollie and the Protein-Averse

Mollie:  (after sneezing heartily three times) *clicks tongue a few times*  Good stuff!

(After Baylor took something Mollie wanted and noticed she was scowling at him ...)
Baylor:  Are you going to hit me?
Mollie:  No.
Baylor:  Okay.
Mollie:  But I am very disappointed on you.

(Mollie went over to the coat closet, opened the basket with their hats and mittens in it, and ...)
Me:  Mollie, what are you doing?
Mollie:  I'm putting on gloves.  I'm going to play baseball.
Me:  (smiling)  Oh, okay.
Mollie:  I'm going to play baseball.  For the Tigers.  You know.

(Mollie singing and pretending to read a poem at the beginning of Baylor's latest High Five Magazine)
Butterfly, butterfly, butterfly!
Butterfly, butterfly, butterfly!
You can't chase squirrels yeeeeeeeetttt
Because you don't have any feeeeeeeeeeeet!
You can't drive yeeeeeeeeeeetttt
Because you have wings instead of ...
You can't drive a car or a train or a spaceship yeeeeeeeettttt
Because you don't have aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrmmmms!

Me: (after Baylor has declared he doesn't like pb&j sandwiches anymore) So you're telling me you don't like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches anymore?!
Baylor:  No!  I don't.  They have too much protein.
Me:  (stifling a laugh) Too much protein?  Do you not like protein?
Baylor:  No!  I don't!  I only like fiber and carbon-hydrates.
(He then went on to eat string cheese like it was going out of style.)

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