Friday, March 1, 2013

Pajama Day!

Towards the end of January, Baylor had his first pajama day at school.  Luckily for him (and Mollie, who wanted to wear her pajamas around that day, too) it was a warmer day; we had rain instead of snow, quite the odd occurrence in Michigan in January.  Baylor knew exactly which pajamas he wanted to wear, a little Gymboree set featuring an owl and the words "Whooo's sleepy?"  Super cute!

 It was so adorable to see all the kids walking into school with their pj's on, and it was interesting to see the variety of pj's kids wear at this age; some kids were wearing footed pajamas, some girls wore nighties, and, like Baylor, some kids wore two-piece pant and shirt sets.  They were also allowed to bring a favorite toy or blanket, and it was adorable to see these kids, all growing up so fast, with their little lovies and stuffed animals.  All the kids were so excited, and it was easy to understand why; not only did they get to wear pj's to school, but the teachers were making pancakes for snack time, and they got to snuggle on the floor for some fun stories.

Mollie and I, meanwhile, went home for a bit.  I thought we'd just go inside and play, but Mollie insisted we play outside in the rain for a while.  So we did.

Even though it was raining instead of snowing, it was still quite cold, and Mollie's pj's weren't overly thick, so we soon had to go inside to warm up and switch her pj's.

Soon enough, it was time to pick up Baylor, and seeing all the kids so excited as they left the classroom, I could tell that everyone had had a marvelous first pajama day.

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