Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 124 (a day late)

Today I am grateful for Baylor's interest in writing one of his favorite authors.  Yesterday, after going out and getting a haircut with my mom, he came home and said he wanted to write a letter to Chris Van Dusen, the author of some of his favorite picture books.  He wanted to suggest that Mr. Van Dusen write a book called "If I Built an Earth Mover", no doubt inspired by the giant construction equipment hard at work on the corner near my parents' house.  So we sat down, and he dictated the letter to me.  I guided him a bit, and we ended up letting Mr. Van Dusen know which books we had and which one was Baylor's favorite (If I Built a House).

As we ended the letter, Baylor, without looking up from something he was working on, told me to finish it off with, "Love, Baylor".  The kid is so full of love it astounds me.  So I wrote the "Love," and he wrote "Baylor", adding extra flair because that's just who he is.  I also had him add "Age 4", in part to let the author know why the child this letter was from didn't write the bulk of the letter.

After putting it in an envelope, addressing it to Mr. Van Dusen, care of the publisher, and adding a stamp, Baylor made sure it got into Oma's mailbox as we headed out for frozen yogurt.  I have no idea what will come of the sending of this letter, if anything, but I love that Baylor had an idea and wanted to reach out to someone about it.  I love this little dreamer of mine, and I hope his ideas are, at the very least, read and appreciated by the person he admires.

Here's hoping!

Have a wonderful day!

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