Friday, March 15, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 128

Today I am grateful I put the time and effort into taking down the outdoor Christmas decorations.  I kept staring at them out the window, wondering how long it would take the snow on them to melt so I wouldn't have to somehow dry them off and wishing they would just take care of themselves.  Alas, they aren't magical decorations, so after the kids went down for rest/nap today I went outside and took things down as quickly as I could.  Our garland separated after some particularly heavy snow rested on it, and I had to put that back together as best I could; we'll see if I end up cursing myself next Christmas season.  The lights were tangled up really bad as well, yet even though it took considerable time and effort, I was so relieved to finally have it taken care of.

Have a wonderful night!

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