Thursday, March 28, 2013

That's What They Said: That's Mollie

(While I was in the bathroom ...)
Baylor:  (from the kitchen, upset) Mom!  Ughhh!
Me:  What is it, Baylor?
Baylor:  (in reference to the waffle I left him to eat) Crusty thing!  I don't like crusty things!
Me:  Okay, buddy, hold on.  I'll be right there.
Amalia:  (sitting next to Baylor) It's okay, Baylor.  It's just like tacos ... and tortellini.
Baylor:  (quizzical pause)
Amalia:  Yeah, it's just like tortellini.  Tortellini is soft.  Soft things are soft, and hard things are hard.
Baylor:  (oddly comforted)  Yeah.

Amalia:  (while typing on her imaginary computer as I brushed Baylor's teeth)  Yay!  The basketball won on my pink 'puter!  Go green!  Go white!  Yay, State!

(While talking about Sleeping Beauty ...)
Baylor:  Is there a scary part in Sleeping Beauty?  Near the end?
Me:  Yes, there is.  Maleficent turns into a dragon.
Amalia:  What happens to the princess?
Me:  Maleficent puts a spell on her and makes her sleep.
Amalia:  Does someone tuck her in?
Me:  (smiling)  Yes, I suppose.
Amalia:  I want to be in that movie.  I like dragons.
Me:  Yeah?
Amalia:  Yeah, and I will bring my sleepy-time pals with me.  And you can tuck me in for night-night!

Amalia:  (singing)
Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream!
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
in the water!

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