Friday, March 29, 2013

Mollie's First Dentist Appointment!

One day, in the first couple weeks of February, we were hanging out at my parents' house, enjoying a nice lunch, when all of a sudden, Mollie fell off of a bar stool.  Head first.  Luckily for me I didn't actually see it happen; I had my back to her while I was fixing up my lunch, and if I had seen it I might have keeled over myself.  (My mom, who did see it, took quite a long time to recover from the sight. It's a heart-stopping event when you see someone small you love tumble head-first out of a tall chair.)

Anyhow, once the crying stopped, the only thing she really complained about was that a couple of her teeth hurt.  I checked them and though they weren't bleeding or dangling by a thread, one or two of them felt slightly loose.  As she is almost three years old, it was time for her to have her first dental check up anyway, so I called them and got in with our favorite hygienist a day or two later.

The day of the appointment also happened to be the day of Baylor's Valentine's Day party, which I was scheduled to go to (and wouldn't miss for the world), so my mom watched Mollie and got her to her appointment on time.  Baylor's party ran a little late, as preschool parties tend to do, and we got there not long after they went back.  Oma offered to take Baylor home so I could focus on Mollie, and Baylor was thrilled to take her up on it.

Miss Cathy soon got to work on the little lady's teeth, and I was surprised how well Mollie sat for it.  With her dollies and sleep sheep under her arms, she seemed extra brave and complied with all of the usual dental visit requests.  Plus, since she loves wearing sunglasses and has a ton of them, she was able to wear her own for the appointment.  Bonus!

She even sat well for the flossing!  That's my girl!

I thought for sure that the sucking instrument would freak her out, but she did great.

There was a little bit of time before the dentist was ready to see her, so she did a few Melissa and Doug shape puzzles while she waited.

Dr. Stewart came in and, more typical of how she usually is, Mollie was terrified.  However, instead of climbing out of the chair and running away, she sat petrified as he checked her teeth ... which worked out well for the appointment.

She did great for her first appointment and was proclaimed a no-cavity kid!  Also, none of her teeth were loose by the time of the visit; Miss Cathy said that was probably because they had tightened up (something I didn't know teeth could actually do), but they did let me know what to look for in case something had happened with her beautiful choppers.

After getting a prize and a water, we headed to the car.  She seemed pretty cool with the appointment and reported that the only part she didn't like was when Miss Cathy painted on the fluoride.  (Same here, kiddo.)

Thank you a million times over to our wonderful dentist and his amazing staff (particularly Miss Cathy) for making Mollie's first dental visit so positive.  Hopefully this will set her up for a lifetime of great dental experiences!


Jairo Chavez said...

No tears were shed! You must be so proud of your little girl. Yeah, it’s about time for her to be introduced in the world of oral health. And she did very well! It's a good sign that she’ll grow up valuing dental hygiene. =) Jairo @

Merle Wells said...

Given that her first dental checkup went well, it’s unlikely that she’ll associate the next visits with something negative. Let’s just hope that her first impression will help her maintain a positive attitude towards dental visits in general. You and those wonderful dental staff could help her achieve that.

Merle Wells @ Gillum Dentistry

Garry Owen said...

That positive experience might set a good impression for her towards dental visits, in general. It’s good to know everything went well. Setting yourself as an example was a great idea! I’m sure that will help her shape up a wonderful attitude with regard to dental visits.

Garry Owen @ New Century Dental Group