Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bowling with my Homies

After a fun time bowling last year, we finally decided to get out onto the lanes again with the kiddos.  This time, it was a lot more fun as they were able to participate a bit more and really get into it.  Mollie was excited to wear some funny new shoes.

And Baylor was excited to try bowling all by himself.  (That lasted about one frame, though, as he really did need help getting some momentum behind his throw.)

Mollie was also excited to be using a pink ball.

She cheered on everyone else as they bowled.

Then ended up needing a little help from one of the employees in retrieving her ball after it got stuck midway down the lane.  After that, she received a lot more assistance in her swing.

Baylor really got into the game ...

... and even did a little dance when he knocked a bunch down!

Mollie was all over the place as everyone else bowled, though one of her favorite spots was right in front of the scoring computer.

She did, however, have a bit of a sulky moment, and my dad decided to demonstrate it for me.  He does a mean "Mollie sulk".

Mollie's other favorite spot was at the fan on the ball return spot.  She just loved having her bangs blown around by the little hand-drying fan!

Plus, it gave her a chance to watch over the balls.

Even Aunt Christine tried out the fan! 

I know my family tends to think I post some unflattering pictures of them from time to time, so I thought I'd throw an embarrassing one of myself into the mix to even things out a bit.  Victory dance, anyone?

We had a great time, and it was nice for the kids to get to try something relatively new for a change.  Hopefully we'll bowl again soon!

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