Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 81

Okay, today's is a little weird, but I had a rough day and this was one thing I was oddly grateful for in the mess.

Today I am grateful to have one of my irrational fears squashed.  Every time I run the garbage disposal I have this flash of fear that something (e.g., a knife) will have fallen in it without my knowing and that it will come flying out at me when the disposal is turned on.  (This is clearly a product of having watched too many horror movies as a teenager.)

Anyhow, one of our nice Wusthof knives, the little weird paring one, inadvertently slipped - handle down - into the garbage disposal while I was doing the dishes after lunch.  I didn't notice it until a few seconds after I'd turned the disposal on; the horrible grinding noise was a give-away.  When the bubbles cleared and I could see what was stuck in there, I was a little ill that such a nice knife had the handle chewed up a bit (though it would have been much worse had it been blade down), but I was oddly grateful to know that the knife-flying-at-my-face-from-the-garbage-disposal fear was so clearly dispelled.

Have a wonderful, safe night!

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