Friday, January 4, 2013

Gingerbread Party!

Baylor's big gingerbread party at school finally arrived, and both of us were definitely excited - at least about getting to spend some mommy-Baylor time together.  After dropping Mollie off with Oma and Aunt Christine, Baylor and I headed to school.  We got there reasonably early, so we had to wait in the car for a bit.

Once inside, we hung up our coats in the little coat rack cubbies at the back of the room and found a seat with house making supplies.  Baylor was definitely overwhelmed at first.

But he loves a good set of instructions, and we soon got down to business and were among the first to finish our basic structure.

Which - hallelujah! - meant that we were one of the first two parent-child groups to the decorations table.  The kid ahead of us seemed reasonably healthy, so I let Baylor dive in and get what he wanted when he could.  With his cup filled up, we made our way back to the table and decorated our hearts out.

All of it was his design, though I did give a little help with the placement of the candy canes.

Next we moved on to decorate paper gingerbread men.  There was a table full of awesome foam pieces, cut up straws, sequins, and much more with which to decorate these fine men.  Baylor did all the artwork, I just provided the glue.  Not too shabby, little man!

While we were in his classroom, I had to get a picture of their Christmas tree!  Each kiddo made a plate ...

... and here's Baylor's.  Mighty adorable.

The party was fun and much less a sugar bomb than the Halloween one.  I think it overwhelmed Baylor quite a bit, but he handled it well and had fun in the process.  Can't ask for more than that!

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