Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas 2012: Christmas Morning

I have to say, this Christmas morning with the kids was the best one yet!  The looks on their faces when they opened their presents was gift enough for me.  Seriously, they were so excited about all the presents they got; in years past, they were too little or too distracted by the packaging to get geeked about the actual gift.  Not so this year.

Santa seems to have done a pretty awesome job with their stockings this year.  Both kids got chocolate Teddy Grahams, something I never buy for them, and a bunch of little treats.  Like a compass!

And kid chopsticks!

Mollie even got a kids watch!

And the very bar of soap she asked for!

Once their stockings were empty, Baylor made his way over to the tree to find the gift Santa had left for him and was disappointed it wasn't there.  Of course, our tree has very little clearance underneath it, so Santa wisely left the kids' gifts in front of the fireplace.  Baylor was much relieved!

Mollie got the doctor kit she asked for ...

... and Baylor got a cash register, just like on his list!  Man, that Santa really had his stuff together this year.

While the kids played with their toys from Santa a bit, Bryson opened his gift from them ... a Sudoku tear-off calendar!  And it was truly from them; they found it while we were looking for a birthday gift for my dad back in November, and I've held onto it for them ever since.

After a little while of playing, I reminded them that they had gifts under the tree from us, too.

I got them things they hadn't asked for but I thought they'd like, and it looks like I did a pretty good job.  Mollie got a camper for her dollhouse family ...

... and Baylor got Marble Works!  He plays with it a lot at school and with his PLAY therapist, so he was pretty geeked to find out he had his very own set.

He even had a little time to play with it.

Christmas morning at our house is usually pretty short, though, as there are other festivities we like to attend. So, soon enough, we got dressed and headed out!  Yet even though it's short, it is so very sweet and such a nice time we get to spend with just our little family of four.  I hope your Christmas morning was just as special!

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