Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Decorating the Dollhouse

Christmas decorating just wouldn't be complete without taking some time to give the dollhouse a little attention.  Mom just happened to have some dollhouse-sized Christmas lights for Mollie to use, so one morning while Baylor was still sleeping, she and I tackled the decorating job.  

A little scissors and some tape and voila!  A decorated dollhouse!

Sadly, though, the Loving Family didn't have a Christmas tree.  After a quick search online, a fold here, a snip there, and we had a Christmas tree, complete with star!

Later on I made a blue one for Baylor.  Unfortunately, Scotch tape is not ideal for hanging Christmas lights, so I had to do a few repairs here and there throughout the season.  But all in all, it was a success and I'm sure we'll be bringing them out again next year!

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