Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Gingerbread" Houses with Oma

My mom is always one for enjoying holiday fun, so it was no surprise to me at all that she threw out the idea of making "gingerbread" houses with the kids.  I knew Baylor was going to be doing that at his school Christmas party and I thought it'd be great practice for him, so we dove in.

The kids kept themselves occupied with activity placemats while we got things ready.

Mom helped Mollie with hers, placing all the royal frosting for the snow and decorations.

Baylor taste-tested just about everything.

She was so proud of her little house!

I helped Baylor, who had decided he wanted his house to have three floors.  *sigh*  Thank goodness he was cool with counting the attic as a floor.

Here is Baylor's finished creation.  Notice the front porch complete with pretzel railings and a candy cane barrel step.

It has a back porch, too!

This side is primarily windows, including the circular one in the attic area.

His little Teddy Grahams were having a blast playing in the "snow"!  Four of them even decided to slide down the hill on Life Savers!

And here is Mollie's final creation!  I just love her little fence made out of candy cane barrels and pretzel rods!

Oma piped an "m" on the ground outside of the house for Mollie.

Of course, her house wouldn't be complete without a splash of pink!

We had an absolute blast making these little houses, and I have a sneaking suspicion this will become a new tradition for us.

Thanks again, Mom, for all your help and inspiration!

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