Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mollie's First Movie Theatre Viewing!

As I mentioned previously, Mollie isn't really one for sitting still for long periods of time AND she has a tendency to get scared because of movies, so I kind of figured her first real movie theatre experience would be a long time off.  (She has been to the movies before, though, remember?)

Anyhow, as luck would have it, one of their favorite Christmas movies was being shown at our local theatre as part of their holiday classics series, and we pounced on the chance to get Mollie to her first movie (and Baylor to his second).  Elf, anyone?!

Oma and Grandpa E decided to join the kids and I for our special outing, and, as you can tell, Mollie was thrilled!

Baylor, ever the helpful soul, went with Oma to get the tickets.

Mollie and I hung back with Grandpa E and just smiled at each other.

When we walked into the theatre, though, her smile went away, and she started looking a little nervous.

We got up to our seats, and Mollie instantly made herself at home.

Yes, she is sitting side-saddle in a booster seat.

Grandpa E went back to get some popcorn, and Mollie dove right in.  Poor girl, though; she eats popcorn just like her mama.

I'd try to get her to change her ways, but I think I'd have to change mine first.  For now, I'll just enjoy watching my little mirror.

They did great during the movie, not once asking to get up or getting fidgety.  It was great that they'd already seen it, so they knew exactly what to expect from the movie itself and had no reason to get frightened.

Afterwards, we took a ride on the theatre elevator.

Bless their little hearts, they've worked out a system where Mollie gets to push the button on the outside - no matter where they are - and Baylor will handle the ones on the inside.  It's genius!  No arguments over who gets to push what anymore.

It was a really great first movie experience for Mollie and a great reminder for Baylor of how awesome going to the movies can be!

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