Sunday, January 20, 2013

Holiday Season Illness: The 2012 Edition

It just doesn't seem like the holiday season anymore (or any time during preschool, for that matter) without some sort of illness.  A couple days after swapping check-ups with Mollie, Baylor woke up feeling kind of punk, then threw up a couple times in the living room.  I wasn't expecting the vomiting so all I had to catch it with at the time was a throw blanket.  Baylor, funny guy that he is, was disturbed by this and, mid-throw-up, told me to go get a bowl!  Luckily, it only happened twice, and given the consistency of it (I'll spare you the details) I think it was mostly a result of some drainage that was happening.

Regardless, unless your puking experience can be explained by a pregnancy/dizzy spell/hangover/etc., at our house you get immediately relegated to the couch on "the island".  When it became less likely that I thought he'd throw up, he got to enjoy some toast.  And, just like my mom did for us when we were little, he got to have it cut up in little squares!

If memory serves, Bryson wasn't feeling well at this point either, and Mollie was on her way to getting the same cold as the rest of us, so they all hung out and watched a movie together.  (I couldn't tell you which movie, though, as this cold knocked us out for a few days and we were on a constant loop of movies ... Toy Story 2 and 3, Wall-E, Lady and the Tramp, Winnie the Pooh, etc.)

Mollie was pretty thrilled about getting to eat her mac n' cheese on the couch, though!  And she only spilled a couple times and picked up the noodles herself when she did.

When the toast stayed down, Baylor got to enjoy some squeezie applesauce.

Thankfully it was a pretty short-lived illness, and we went back to our usual selves.  Sadly, the kids had to go through a television detox of sorts when we were done with it all, but they survived.

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